The services our company offered were from the beginning accordingly to the level of the employees’ professional

growth. Thereby, since 2001 we have been able to offer our clients the following services:
Since 2011 we are able to draw up and prepare documentations for energy certification of buildings, which have binding

status for all buildings, according to law.
  ●  tabulation of buildings and land;

  ●  specialized topographic surveys;

  ●  performing dismemberment, allotments, consolidation of
      buildings and land;

  ●  determination of areas and volumes;

  ●  expertise of the court buildings;

  ●  setting out the buildings;

  ●  land registration in the land book records;

  ●  consultancy on land owning legal aspects

Since 2008 our offer has been completed with the following ones :

  ●  geotechnical studies and surveys;

  ●  specialized design of new buildings;

  ●  preparing the necessary documentation for obtaining approvals
      of Building Permits;

  ●  expertise in value after ANEVAR standards;

  ●  quality of construction expertise;

  ●  study and analysis of industrial and drinking water;

  ●  construction drawing;

  ●  energy certification .
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