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About us
Funciara Brasov was founded in 2001, from the very beginning

with a social capital of 5000 RON.

     The shareholders  are members of the same company since 2001 and

     no change has occurred since then.

     Both shareholders of the company graduated from the Cadastre
     University of Brasov.

     The manager of the company from 2001 and till now is

     Mr. Silviu - Romulus.
Ever since 2002, the company’s headquarter is located in Brasov,  November  15 Blvd, 62/B/17.

It is located on the main thoroughfare of Brasov, which connects the Historical Center with the Civic one and also the

most important national roads in Romania, that is from from Pitesti, Fagaras, Sighisoara to Bucharest.

The outdoor light is located on the building since 2002 on both sides (South and North), easily visible both day and night.
Our efforts received last year an official confirmation: in rankings prepared by Brasov Chamber of

Commerce and Industry regarding the mercantile development of 2009 our  company was given

the third place in the micro-enterprise category, meanwhile one of the companies specialized in

statistics from Bucharest (Borg Design) which takes into account only the economic issues,

awarded us the first place in Brasov .

Therefore we received official, impartial confirmation upon the evolution of our

company, its name being known and appreciated not only in Brasov, but in the

whole country.

Upon the specialization acquired by Funciara on the market, it needs to be stated that

the increasing number of employees led to a larger amount of covered requests.

Thereby, the company currently employs three specialist university graduates of the

University of Brasov, a financial director with multiple specialties, a graduate engineer

from another area of the same University of Brasov, an accountant with higher education,

among others.

In terms of company employees, they had been carefully chosen, based on previous experience, the results obtained over

the years and last but not least by the promptitude and the seriousness they show.

Supplying the company with specialized equipment was first and foremost taken into account by the shareholders. Since

then, the company gathered high precision total stations and necessary auxiliary equipment.

The equipment is regularly calibrated at the Bureau of Legal Metrology in Bucharest.
Co-workers from the Univ. of Brasov joined us from the moment the

company came into being.

The number of employees has increased proportionally with the

development of the society, starting with only 2 and reaching now 7.

From a financial standpoint, as submitted by the Financial

Administration Brasov–the every year balance-, the company has had a

continuous positive development, in addition to balance sheet revealed

positive each year. The company's turnover had increased, without any
exception, year after year, reaching it in 2010 to exceed RON 1,000,000 value, which for a company specializing strictly

on the Land Surveying, is something special, especially in a year with a generalized economic crisis, which in our opinion,

must be assessed.
Company's customers at first appeared to be  from the city and county of Brasov, in the years immediately after they

extended as coming from other geographical areas, even exceeding the limits of the country.

For the recognition of our brand on the market we were listed year by year as  loyal customers in the main advertising

channel in the country, namely the Yellow Pages, including that directory for customers from Bucharest.

Also since 2005, we constantly appeared on more and more domains of specialized services, including annual of the

construction companies a  Yearbook of construction firms (

An important recognition of our company's activity came in 2007, the year we were selected by the Municipality of

Brasov as collaborators for compiling the land surveying all over the city of Brasov.
The services our company offered were from the beginning accordingly to the level of the employees’ professional

growth. Thereby, since 2001 we have been able to offer our clients the following services:
Since 2011 we are able to draw up and prepare documentations for energy certification of buildings, which have binding

status for all buildings, according to law.
  ●  tabulation of buildings and land;

  ●  specialized topographic surveys;

  ●  performing dismemberment, allotments, consolidation of
      buildings and land;

  ●  determination of areas and volumes;

  ●  expertise of the court buildings;

  ●  setting out the buildings;

  ●  land registration in the land book records;

  ●  consultancy on land owning legal aspects

Since 2008 our offer has been completed with the following ones :

  ●  geotechnical studies and surveys;

  ●  specialized design of new buildings;

  ●  preparing the necessary documentation for obtaining approvals
      of Building Permits;

  ●  expertise in value after ANEVAR standards;

  ●  quality of construction expertise;

  ●  study and analysis of industrial and drinking water;

  ●  construction drawing;

  ●  energy certification .
S.C. Funciara S.R.L   -   Brasov

B-dul 15 Noiembrie, Nr. 62, Sc. B, Ap. 17

Phone:  +40 (0)268.415.970  /  +40 (0)722.634.633

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